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ACS Talks 
Video Library

Your Membership includes access to this video library with hours of hours of conversations with past filmmaker guests. They are filled with great information about filmmakers and filmmaking, and are just one part of our mission to  share ideas, connect with each other, and nurture the new and existing film talent within our state through increased exposure to filmmakers and their art.

The Great American Lie Panel Discussion
Mind the Gap Film Series

The Mask You Live In Panel Discussion
Mind the Gap Film Series

The Art of Management

Moderated by ACS Director of Development, Jacqueline Gibson and hosted by Lierin Pena an Artist Manager at Mick Management

For Sama Live Q&A

After the second "For Sama" screening, we hosted a Live Q&A with Emmy award-winning filmmakers, Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts.

Producing: Script to Greenlight

Producing: Script to Greenlight with Molly Allen and Jayme Lemons

Writing for Film with Jeff Nichols

This in-depth seminar is full of insight from Jeff about the methods and tools he uses in his writing process.

FILMLAND 2018: Operation Finale

Jeff Nichols talks with Producers Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger about the film Operation Finale

FILMLAND 2018: Survivor's Guide to Prison

Director Matthew Cooke and Producers David and Christina Arquette talk to Jeff Nichols about the making of Survivor's Guide to Prison after it's screening at FILMLAND 2018.

FILMLAND 2019: Troop Zero

From FILMLAND 2019: ACS Board Member, Jayme Lemons with Troop Zero Director, BERT and Writer Lucy Alibar

FILMLAND 2019: Stranger Things

Jeff Nichols talks with Director Andrew Stanton about his experience with Stranger Things Season 2.

Generation Wealth

Director Lauren Greenfield examines materialism, celebrity culture, and social status and reflects on the desire to be wealthy at any cost. She speaks with Matt DeCample after the screening.

FILMLAND 2018: The Comedy Panel

Watch Will Forte, Ted Danson, John Solomon, Mel Rodriguez, Mary Steenburgen, Kristen Schaal, Rich Blomquist discuss comedy. Moderated by Matt DeCample and Graham Gordy.

The Tale

ACS Executive Director, Kathryn Tucker sat down with Jayme Lemons and Kerri Wood Einertson discuss the film and how it relates to the current state of American society.

True Detective

After the Exclusive Screening, Matt DeCample sat down with Graham Gordy to talk about writing for the HBO show True Detective.

PREMIERE 2017: A Ghost Story

David Lowery is an American filmmaker, known for directing, writing and editing feature films that explore the different essences of humanity. A Ghost Story was shown at PREMIERE in 2017 where this interview with Jeff Nichols took place.

connect to create.

To be a filmmaker, we have to connect to create. A painter needs a brush, paint and a canvas. A director needs a writer, a cinematographer, a sound mixer, production designer, editor, actors, distributors, and an audience. We cannot do it alone. This art form forces one to collaborate and thus, creates jobs. Filmmaking is unique in the arts in this way. It takes an army.