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Educational Program

ACS Talks


ACS Talks is a video library made up of nearly every Q&A we've ever hosted with our guest filmmakers. Within ACS Talks, you'll find hours and hours of tips, advice, wisdom, and behind-the-scenes stories from films and filmmakers spanning every genre. Content is updated with each new event and is included FREE OF CHARGE with an ACS Membership or Sponsorship. Not ready to commit? Each video is just $12!


Operation Finale

Conversation with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger moderated by Jeff Nichols

True Detective

Conversation with Graham Gordy moderated by Matt DeCample

A Ghost Story

Conversation with David Lowery moderated by Jeff Nichols

The Comedy Panel

Panel discussion with Rich Blomquist, Will Forte, Mel Rodriguez, Kristen Schall, John Solomon, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen moderated by Matt DeCample

Generation Wealth

Conversation with Lauren Greenfield

Survivor's Guide to Prison

Conversation with David and Christina Arquette and Matthew Cooke moderated by Jeff Nichols

The Tale

Conversation with Jayme Lemons and Kerri Wood Einertson moderated by Kathryn Tucker

Troop Zero

Conversation with Lucy Alibar and BERT moderated by Jayme Lemons

Stranger Things

Conversation with Andrew Stanton moderated by Jeff Nichols

...and we're always adding more!

No items found.