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2022 Chamber Music on the Mountain Festival Summer Festival taking place throughout July

Kody Ford

Chamber Music on the Mountain Festival Summer Festival 2022 features Music That Moves Us. Artistic Director Tomoko Kashiwagi will be presenting eight public performances, outreach workshops for University of Arkansas Band Camp students, and collaborations with the Arkansas Arts Academy dance students, Ozark Ballet Theater and the Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society.

The music includes diverse styles of music including Baroque music with recorder and harpsichord, classical showpieces, romantic masterpieces as well as music with jazz and latin music influences.

Standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, they will perform the Variations for Piano and Five String Instruments by Vasyl Barvinsky(1888-1963). The performance will be the US Premiere of this Ukrainian composition. They will also partner with Ozark Ballet Theater, for a ballet performance and concert at Arkansas Arts Academy that will feature graduates of the Kyiv National Ballet Academy.

Visiting Resident Musicians will include: Flute: Daniel Velasco, Clarinet/Recorder: Trevor Stewart, Trombone: Cory Mixdorf, Violin: Charlotte Crosmer, Meredith Maddox Hicks, Viola: Timothy MacDuff, Cello: Herine Coetzee Koschak, Bass: Jarrett Bastow, Piano/Harpsichord: Tomoko Kashiwagi

CMM Summer Festival Activities:

07/20 6:00 pm - Grooves: Classical and Jazz Free Concert at the Fayetteville Public Library

07/21 6:30 pm - Grooves: Classical and Jazz Outreach concerts at the Thaden School (Bentonville)

07/22 6:30 pm - Friday Night on the Mountain: Food, drinks, and latin inspired tunes at Mount Sequoyah

07/23 7:00 pm - Chamber Music: Formal concert in beautiful Millar Lodge at Mount Sequoyah

07/24 1:00 pm - Spotlight Concert: Diverse performance opportunity for NWA musicians

07/28 6:30 pm - Heart Touching Music and Ballet: A dual concert and ballet at Arkansas Arts Academy

07/29 6:30 pm - Friday Night on the Mountain: Wood fired pizzas and concert at the Ozark Smokehouse

07/30 7:00 pm - Chamber Music: Final formal concert at beautiful Millar Lodge on Mount Sequoyah

Tickets are affordable at $20 for an adult, which includes one free Child admission. An additional child ticket is $10. For individual tickets or a full festival pass visit: Mount Sequoyah Center - Chamber Music on the Mountain Summer Festival 2022, Music that Moves Us.

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