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CASTING CALL: Upcoming feature in Little Rock

Kody Ford

From Actors Casting Agency -- Casting for SAG-AFTRA Feature Film Hellfire Shooting in Little Rock Area:

- Producers: Sasha Yelaun, Henry Penzi, Daniel Lief and Johnny Remo

- Director: Isaac Florentine

- Writer: Richard Lowry

- Casting Director: Farrah West

- Local Casting: Mark Landon Smith & Victoria Fox

- Shoot Dates: On or about August 26th-Sept. 10th

- Location: Little Rock, Arkansas area.

- Pay: $704 daily / $2382 weekly

- Talent must be willing to work as LOCAL HIRE in Little Rock area.

- Please see information below. Please do not DM or use comment section on social media for messaging. Use email for messages, questions and information.

- Please send headshot, (along with a current selfie front lit and no filters or sunglasses), resume and availability August 26-September 10 to

- Please label headshot with talent name, project and role. EX: John Jones_Hellfire_DR WHALEN

- Please write HELLFIRE CASTING AND NAME OF ROLE in the subject line.

- Submission Deadline: Aug. 19, 2022 at 12 p.m.

Storyline: The small, dying, rural Southern town of Rondo is being held hostage by a deadly, politically well-connected drug trafficking monster, but a mysterious stranger who refers to himself simply as the MAN, may provide hope for the town's terrified residents. These people are exhausted, worn down and afraid, and should look so.

BREAKDOWN: (All roles are open ethnicity)

[ANTONIO] 30s, a hardworking family man, he is honored, gracious and hospitable when the Man, a former Green Beret, asks for some food as payment for any handyman chores that need doing. He speaks candidly with the Man of the constant fear he and his family must face in their small town...SUPPORTING.

[RANDAL] 50s, he is a shopkeeper in the small town of Rondo, tortured mercilessly when he contacts the authorities about the Whitfields' drug trafficking operation...1 speech & 5 lines, 5 scenes.

[DR. SAM WHALEN] 60s, also a pawn of the drug traffickers, this small town doctor is on board when the Man comes up with plan to save the community. However, terrified for his life when the bad guys show up, he turns traitor, spilling the beans on his fellow townsfolk...1 speech & 3 lines, 4 scenes.

[ROSA] Early 30s. She is Antonio's wife, mother of a young boy. Toughly self-protective, she immediately grabs for her rifle when the Man shows up, hungry but willing to work. Later, impressed by the Man's graciousness, her attitude softens...2 speeches & 4 lines, 2 scenes.

[RUFUS] This mangy old man is the laconic desk clerk at the only hotel in town...4 lines, 3 scenes.

[JORGE] 9, he is Antonio and Lena's bright, friendly son, intrigued by the mysterious stranger who's looking to fix the broken porch swing...5 lines, 1 scene. NOTE: Does not have to be 9, but be able to play 9.

[TOM AND BONNIE] Residents of Rondo, this middle-aged couple lives in fear of the drug traffickers who have taken the whole town hostage...1 line, 4 scenes each.

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