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Filmmaker Kiel Thorlton's A PLACE CALLED HOME gets distribution deal

Kody Ford

Filmmaker and UALR professor Kiel Thorlton’s feature film A Place Called Home has received distribution with Los Angeles-based distributor Freestyle Digital Media for a worldwide release starting December 20th. Filmed in Kentucky, A Place Called Home was a 2021 Filmland: Arkansas selection and winner of the Louisville International Film Festival.


The film itself follows Levi, played by Ben Gavin, (Super 8, Dark Tower, Missing at 17) and his relationship with his daughters, played by McCarron Stith and Meredith Bayer, after their mother dies in childbirth. Living paycheck to paycheck was hard enough but with the loss of his wife, things become increasingly strained forcing Levi to make some difficult decisions.

Luke Thompson, reviewer for Film Gone Wild, said. “Thankfully, A Place Called Home sees hope in, well...the title does spell it out. If the home is worth protecting, it’s not just because of the building but also the people around it. Is this undue optimism in an increasingly radicalized world of demonization? Maybe. But in the movies, at least, optimism can still be earned.”

A Place Called Home
screened around the world at various film festivals such as Arkansas Cinema Society’s Filmland: Arkansas, The Oxford Film Festival, SoCal Film Awards, and South Georgia Film Festival. It also garnered multiple awards including, Best Film at the Louisville International Film Festival, Special Jury Award at WorldFest - Houston International Film Festival, and Best Director at the London Fusion Festival. It’s festival circuit run garnered attention from multiple distributors and sales agents; ultimately landing the film with Freestyle Digital Media in Los Angeles. A Place Called Home will be available to rent and own on North American global digital HD internet and satellite platforms on December 20th.

Find out more on Facebook, Instagram, IMDB, YouTube, or their website.

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