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Learn from Arkansas's best filmmakers during Filmland in the Park

Kody Ford

We're making a big change at Filmland this year! As part of our ongoing mission to help support filmmakers as they learn to MAKE their own movies, we are introducing filmmaking workshops for all ages during the day at Filmland in the Park, September 30-October 3 at MacArthur Park. We are excited to train new filmmakers who may be in the next Filmland: Arkansas with workshops led by acclaimed filmmakers hailing from and residing in our state.

Filmmaking workshops, made possible by a generous donation from the Windgate Foundation, will be open to adults and children, and will be led by Jeff Nichols, Graham Gordy, Christina Arquette, Mario Troncoso, local filmmakers, and industry professionals. Topics will include directing, producing, screenwriting, and an inside look at life on a film set. The addition of the workshops and educational programming during Filmland is something ACS has been working toward as it carries out its three-pillar mission: WATCH, LEARN, MAKE.  

True Detective
Season 3 co-writer and Writers Guild award nominee Graham Gordy will be on-hand to teach workshops for youth and adults. Gordy is excited as always to connect with aspiring writers.

"We've really missed being able to do our in-classroom programs over the last few semesters because of Covid, and while nothing can make up for working with and teaching kids week after week, we're excited to do something special at this year's Filmland,” said Gordy. “You can't teach someone to write a screenplay in a couple of hours, but we hope to give these middle school and high school students some building blocks and some inspiration to go write something great. I'm also excited because we're doing a session for adults who are aspiring screenwriters too."

Workshops will take place for aspiring filmmakers of all ages during the day at Filmland in the Park at MacArthur Park.

Tickets for filmmaking workshops will go on sale in the coming weeks. Space is limited and members receive a 50% discount on Filmmaking Workshops along with advance notice when tickets go on sale. Memberships are available now on the ACS website.

Check out our workshop lineup and stay tuned for more to be announced!

Building a Scene (and Hopefully, Eventually, a Screenplay):
 True Detective Season 3 co-writer Graham Gordy will teach you how to take a story idea and begin building a script. This workshop will focus on the power of detail, the importance of show don't tell, and guide participants through the basics of writing a scene for film and participate in an intimate Q + A. Participants will walk away having written a 3-5 page scene, and how this technique of scene creation leads to a full script for film.

Building a Scene (and Hopefully, Eventually, a Screenplay): Junior (Grades 6-8): During this engaging writing-for-film workshop for Middle School students, Graham Gordy will walk them through how to develop a story idea and to write a scene. Students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a mentor, participate in fun, hands-on activities, and will walk away with an ACS binder full of helpful tools they can utilize in the future.

Building a Scene (and Hopefully, Eventually, a Screenplay): Varsity (Grades 9-12):  High School students will be led by Graham Gordy through this exciting basics of screenwriting workshop. Working with a one on one mentor, students will learn through engaging hands-on activities how to develop a story idea, write a scene and the basics of screenwriting format. Participants will walk away with an ACS binder full of helpful tools to guide them on their journey towards becoming the next award winning screenwriter.

Landing the Role:
During this unique workshop you will get inside secrets from a casting director on how to improve your audition. For $40 participants can sign up to perform a 3 minute or less scene of their choice and receive direct feedback from Casting Director, Yancey Prosser of The Agency Inc. For $20, you can sit in the audience and get a back-stage pass to watching a casting director at work. Afterwards Yancey will lead a lecture on improving a taped audition, how to master the "throw away line" as a day player and be available for a Q + A.

The Art of the Pitch: 
During this workshop, Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker, and Director of Film and Media Ecosystems at CACHE Mario Troncoso will discuss how to take your project to the big screen. Using their original story idea participants will start the process of building a pitch deck to intrigue agents and production companies, followed by a Q+A.

About Filmland
Filmland 2021 will be a hybrid event with Filmland in the Park, a drive-in, taking place at MacArthur Park, September 30 to October 3, 2021. Food trucks will be available each night. More information regarding the program and ticket sales will be released in the coming weeks. Tickets will go on sale as the program lineup is announced. ACS Members receive 50% off each night of Filmland. Please visit our website at for more information on tickets, sponsorship opportunities and membership benefits. 

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At  ACS, we believe that if we provide filmmakers an arena to exhibit their talents, and film enthusiasts a healthy diet of quality programming, we can inspire more Arkansans to make and watch more films. By supporting filmmakers, festivals, theaters and young people interested in filmmaking throughout the state, we hope to create statewide network, pool Arkansas’s resources and be an umbrella organization that feeds all things film. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats.


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To be a filmmaker, we have to connect to create. A painter needs a brush, paint and a canvas. A director needs a writer, a cinematographer, a sound mixer, production designer, editor, actors, distributors, and an audience. We cannot do it alone. This art form forces one to collaborate and thus, creates jobs. Filmmaking is unique in the arts in this way. It takes an army.