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Line-up Announced for the Fourteenth Annual Fayetteville Film Festival

Kody Ford

The Fayetteville Film Fest Board is excited to announce the fourteenth annual Fayetteville Film Fest to be held October 20-22, 2022. This year's festival schedule is packed with screenings of 70 films, including 4 feature length narrative films and 3 feature length documentaries and will feature discussions and Q&A sessions with visiting filmmakers.

This year marks the fifth annual Fayetteville Film Prize pitch contest. This exciting and unique competition includes a pitch event where contestants have 5 minutes to pitch their best film idea to a panel of judges. The winner of the FAYETTEVILLE FILM PRIZE will receive a cash prize of $2000 to enable them to execute their film. The winner will have 10 months to shoot their film in Northwest Arkansas and the finished film will screen at the 2023 Fayetteville Film Fest. To register to pitch for the Fayetteville Film Prize, filmmakers are encouraged to visit

Nicholas Buggs and Cristopher Barkley of Bonzai Creative and the Make It Podcast will be special guests of the festival, educating Pitch Prize competitors on the art of packaging your project for investors and also serving as Pitch Prize jurors. Other events include a panel and reception for the Micheaux Award and Film Labs and one for Women in Film. The event will take place at the University of Arkansas Global Campus theater and the Pryor Center on Fayetteville’s historic town square.

Executive Director, Cassie Self, is excited to see the festival return to the fully in-person format this year: “Attending the festival is always a special experience because you get a chance to watch an incredible variety of films with a wide range of subjects and styles and you get to interact with the filmmakers to learn about their work.”

Passes and advance individual tickets for the 2022 Fayetteville Film Fest are on sale now at Passes range from All-Access VIP Passes at $80, Movie Lover’s Pass at $50, Student passes at $25, individual tickets from $5 - $8 each. There will also be a free outdoor screening on Thursday night on the square and at the Fayetteville Public Library on Saturday the 22nd.



American Murderer | Directed by Matthew Gentile

Hard Shell/Soft Shell | Directed by Emma Benestan

We Burn Like This | Directed by Alana Waksman

Freedom’s Path | Directed by Brett Smith


Forever Majestic | Directed by Michael Stephen Schwarz

A Run For More | Directed by Ray Whitehouse

The Sun Rises in the East | Directed by Tayo Giwa


"Wait, Son" – Recognizer | Directed by Mike Mullins

A Psychogeography of Mourning | Directed by Shayna Connelly

ADHD - SÄYE SKYE | Directed by Sina Dolati

Banana Triangle Six | Directed by Marc E. Crandall

Baptized in the Flames | Directed by Ringo Jones

Boppie | Directed by Ethan Gueck

Call of the Clown Horn | Directed by Mike Stutz

Daily Bread | Directed by Manuel Sirgo

Dandelion | Directed by Paula Blanco Perez

Darker | Directed by Kenneth George

Double Trouble! | Directed by Levi Matthew Smith and Blake Dean Allen

Eureka | Directed by Miida Chu

Fairy Story | Directed by Griff Jones

Flight | Directed by Tyler Horne

Follow You | Directed by John Utter

FreeWorld - "D-Up (Here's To Diversity)" | Directed by Richard Cushing

Gunpoint | Directed by Bill Marsilii

Harvey & Sunshine | Directed by Damon McKinnis, & Madeleine Murden

Hauntings of Highway 34 | Directed by David Andrew Schedler

Jim's Tips | Directed by Piper Peña Hadley

Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers - The Last Ones | Directed by Jaxon Duron

Kronos | Directed by Donavon Thompson

Lemniscate | Directed by Chuck Meré

Life Of Crime | Directed by Chetley Breedlove

Lowlifes | Directed by Daniel Wingfield

Magic Eyes | Directed by Kathy O Lofton

Making Beethoven Proud | Directed by Brian Naughton

MeTube: August sings 'Una furtiva lagrima' | Directed by Daniel Moshel

One Hand on the Wheel | Directed by Barry Cobbs

Pomegranate | Directed by Molly Wheat

Rain | Directed by Mahdi Barqzadegan

Shadow Work | Directed by Kary Collier Jr

SONAR | Directed by James Hughes

The Sprayer | Directed by Farnoosh Abeo

The Statue (Peykareh) | Directed by Mohsen Salehi Fard

The Stream | Directed by Samuel Dubin

The Lovies | Directed by Robin Neveu Brown & Kevin Alan Brown

For a Few Dollars Fewer | Directed by Nick Loper

Kind Eyes | Directed by Casey L. Floyd

King of Kings | Directed by Colin Sanders

Sacrament | Directed by Josh Eliot

Sheol | Directed by Johnnie Brannon

Taquito Patrol | Directed by Thomas Pallier

The Bag | Directed by Sam Azghandi

The Misanthrope | Directed by Andy Kastelic

The Starlight Hotel | Directed by Brett Baxley


A Door Away | Directed by Alex H. Rafi

Pili Ka Moʻo | Directed by Justyn Ah Chong

Rocks 4 Sale! | Directed by David Dibble

SOUTH | Directed by Kyle Gibbins

The Most Beautiful Trail in America | Directed by Dave Baumann & Davis Yates

Uncharted | Directed by Drew Donnelly

#NoRegrets | Directed by Kristine Artymowski

Bounty | Directed by Adam Mazo, Ben Pender-Cudlip, Tracy Rector, Dawn Neptune Adams

(Penobscot) & Maulian Dana (Penobscot)

Limits: The Story of ArkanSTOL | Directed by Zak Heald and Nicholas Wiench

Racer’s Nature | Directed by Ben Harrison

Rockin Baker | Directed by Ringo Jones

To The Bone | Directed by Andy Sarjahani

Beautiful People | Directed by Shane White

Heal the River | Directed by Paulina Sobczak

Just Benjamin | Directed by Paige Murphy

Part of The Kingdom Vol. II | Directed by Makenna Cofer

About Fayetteville Film Fest

The Fayetteville Film Fest, now in its fourteenth year, is a cultural leader in the region, bringing world class film to the state, developing meaningful relationships with filmmakers and nurturing the art of filmmaking by uniting a community of creators and supporters. Learn more about Fayetteville Film Fest by visiting their website: or Instagram: @fayettevillefilmfest.

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