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The Rogers Short Film Fest announces 2021 selections and winners

Kody Ford

The Rogers Short Film Fest took place on Saturday, August 26, at the Victory Theater in Rogers. The festival provides a platform for filmmakers of all demographics and backgrounds to practice and celebrate the art of filmmaking. From kids with a camera and creativity, to seasoned production studio professionals, this festival showcases them all. Arkansas Public Theatre and StudioChunky presented the event. The following films screened at the event:

List of Official Selection films by category:

Student (K-12): Chaos Theory

Student (Undergraduate/ Graduate): About Time, Becoming Roger Benny, Finding My Line | A Fly Fishing Story, Astral

EEP, Chop Shop, BOUND.LESS, Call Me When You Can

Professional: Phosphorescence, And the Winner Is, Blood on the Risers, Women of the West Bank

List of Awards by category:

Student (K-12)
Winner: Chaos Theory directed by Nick Autry (4th Grader)

Student (Undergraduate/ Graduate)
Judge’s Special Selection: Finding My Line | A Fly Fishing Story directed by Zeb Wilson

Winner: Astral directed by Morgan Montgomery

Judge’s Special Selection: EEP directed by Brooke Condolora

Winner: Call Me When You Can directed by Molly Wheat


Judge’s Special Selection: And the Winner Is directed by Mike Day

Winner: Blood on the Risers directed by Caleb Fanning

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At the ACS, we believe that if we provide filmmakers an arena to exhibit their talents, and film enthusiasts a healthy diet of quality programming, we can inspire more Arkansans to make and watch more films. By supporting filmmakers, festivals, theaters and young people interested in filmmaking throughout the state, we hope to create statewide network, pool Arkansas’s resources and be an umbrella organization that feeds all things film. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats.


connect to create.

To be a filmmaker, we have to connect to create. A painter needs a brush, paint and a canvas. A director needs a writer, a cinematographer, a sound mixer, production designer, editor, actors, distributors, and an audience. We cannot do it alone. This art form forces one to collaborate and thus, creates jobs. Filmmaking is unique in the arts in this way. It takes an army.