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Amman Abbasi


Amman Abbasi is a 28-year-old Pakistani American writer-director, editor, producer, and composer from Little Rock, Arkansas. Abbasi has worked in documentary for several years, travelling the world and discovering undocumented stories. In 2011, while working for the Renaud Brothers, Abbasi traveled to Haiti to cover the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake for The New York Times for a short form documentary, which went on to win the prestigious DuPont Award.

Abbasi also worked as an editor on the Renaud Brothers-produced “Last Chance High,” which received an Emmy nomination for outstanding editing. He has also worked for acclaimed filmmaker David Gordon Green as director’s assistant on “Manglehorn” and “Our Brand Is Crisis.” Abbasi’s music compositions have also appeared in many commercials, films, and documentaries. Filmmaker magazine listed him among the 25 New Faces of Independent Film in 2016. “Dayveon” is his debut feature film.

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