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Ashtyn Marshell

Education Program Manager

Ashtyn Marshell is a filmmaker, actor and activist, born and raised in Arkansas.

Having spent time in Los Angeles, CA training and receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts for Acting for Film and Television, with a focus in directing and producing, she made the trek back across the country to her beloved homestate. As an artist and filmmaker, there is nothing more important to Ashtyn than seeing the film community in Arkansas become a competitor with Hollywood and beyond. It is her passion to direct and produce stories that highlight those from her home state and her dream to work with and celebrate all of the artists creating nearby.

As a child of a passionate Arkansas educator, Ashtyn is excited to put her knowledge and insights to the test as the Arkansas Cinema Society Education Program Manager. It is both her passion and mission in life to share knowledge of the industry with young Arkansans. There is so much to know before entering into the industry, all of which can be taught from a young age. She is excited to learn and grow alongside the Arkansas Cinema Society team and all who participate.

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