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Cade Bethea

Managing Director

Cade Bethea is a graduate of Texas Christian University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in PR, Film, TV, and Digital Media.

You may know Cade from handling our social media over the last four years. His posts are creative, his positivity is present, and his passion is contagious. He has worked with various brands and nonprofits outside of ACS, like the Campbell Ward, Inviting Arkansas, Arkansas Rice, 10Fitness, Endure the Dirt, Pediatrics Plus, etc., to help further their social reach and creativity online. During the pandemic, Cade took on a production role as a health and safety event coordinator, traveling to various award shows like the Grammys, Emmys, VMAs, AMAs, etc., working on the talent team to ensure the overall wellness of those attending, presenting, and performing during the broadcast.

Plus, Cade is our unscripted enthusiast as the creator of the @CurrentEpisode on Instagram, where he has constructed an online community of those who also believe in escaping reality with reality TV and pop culture.

After beginning our Cultural Partnership with the AMFA in 2023, Cade stepped into the programming side of ACS. As Managing Director, Cade oversees most AMFA programming and day-to-day activities while continuing to represent us online in various ways. One minute, he's interviewing you on our red carpet with the mini microphone; the next, he's on stage helping introduce the film. His unique passion for the arts, current culture, and mental health make him a bright light and trendsetter in Little Rock!

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