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Pamela McKinnis

Pamela McKinnis is a lifelong lover of movies and a patron of the arts. From her early years watching blockbusters with her family to supporting Arkansas filmmakers in recent years, she sees filmmaking as an art form and economic driver for the community. A graduate of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, Pamela has served on the board of the former Young Artist Guild at The Rep, President of the Fine Arts Guild at Pulaski Academy, and as a Turning Point Gala committee member for Ballet Arkansas. Pamela is married to Mike McKinnis of J.M. Associates, a hidden local giant in video production here in Little Rock. They have two children, Elena and Damon. For the last three years, Damon has been behind and in front of the camera for the Audience Award Winning Short Films of Filmland: Arkansas. Pamela and Mike both have donated a generous amount of time, talent, and treasure to ACS for both Filmland and the Filmmaking Lab for Teen Girls. In Pamela’s spare time she enjoys reading and supporting animal rescue groups.

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