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Program Details

Filmland: Arkansas Program

Filmland: Arkansas

CALS Ron Robinson Theater
Wednesday, November 2, 2022
Saturday, November 5, 2022


“Buffalo + Wolfy” by Rebecca Ozer

“Bunny” by Corey Clifford + Ryan Lagod

“New Boo” by Nancy Pop

“Shipwreck” by Lisa Cole

“The Devil Will Run” by Noah Glenn

“The Show” by Jesse Gi

“Thirst” by Andrea Schmitz

“Voices of God” by Cole Borgstadt

“Yes, Mother!” by Misha Calvert


“Dandelion” by Paula Blanco Perez

“DOUBLE TROUBLE!” by Levi Matthew Smith + Blake Dean Allen

“Just Benjamin” by Paige Murphy

“Kind Eyes” by Casey L. Floyd

“Spirit Day” by Annie Knight + Greg Shea

“Susan + Leslie” by Claire Barnett


The 'Vous by Jack Porter Lofton and Jeffrey Dailey

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