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Program Details

Filmland 5 Arkansas Program

Filmland: Arkansas Shorts

Filmland: Arkansas
CALS Ron Robinson Theater
Saturday, November 5, 2022
Show Starts: 2:45pm
Doors Open: 2:15pm
Tickets: $15

“Buffalo + Wolfy” by Rebecca Ozer

“Bunny” by Corey Clifford + Ryan Lagod

“New Boo” by Nancy Pop

“Shipwreck” by Lisa Cole

"The Blue Dress" by Clayton Henderson

“The Devil Will Run” by Noah Glenn

“The Show” by Jesse Gi

“Thirst” by Andrea Schmitz

“Voices of God” by Cole Borgstadt

“Yes, Mother!” by Misha Calvert


Q+A with the Audience Award Winner following the screenings. Aaron Saffa, Manager of the New Filmmaker Program at Panavision will be on hand to award at $15,000 camera equipment grant to the Audience Award Winner.

After Party

The Rail Yard

1212 E 6th St.

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