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Program Details

Arkansas Filmmaker Spotlight

Papaw Land

Arkansas Filmmaker Spotlight
CALS Ron Robinson Theater
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Show Starts: 6:30pm
Doors Open: 6:00pm
Tickets: $10

17-year-old Matthew is slipping into a cycle of alcohol and drugs that looks all too familiar to his single mother, Christy. In a desperate bid to break the cycle, she sends him away for a summer of sobriety and honest work at his grandfather’s place in the Ozark Mountains. Against the hum of cicadas, Matthew comes to know the generational abuse that has happened there— secrets that change how he looks at those closest to him, and at himself.

Q+A with

writer/director Justin Blake Crum, producer Jessica Crum, actor John Stiritz, moderated by Graham Gordy

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